Smart Suitcases: Away vs. Rimowa for Tech-Savvy Travelers

Comparing Smart Suitcases: Away vs. Rimowa for Tech-Savvy Travelers

Smart Suitcases: Away vs. Rimowa for Tech-Savvy Travelers
In the world of travel, the suitcase is a constant companion. It’s the trusty sidekick that carries your essentials, safeguards your valuables, and endures the rigors of the journey. But in the age of technology, the humble suitcase has evolved into a smart device, offering a host of features designed to make travel more convenient and enjoyable. Two brands that have made a name for themselves in this arena are Away and Rimowa. Both offer smart suitcases that cater to the tech-savvy traveler, but how do they compare?

Away, a New York-based startup, has quickly gained popularity for its minimalist design and smart features. Their suitcases are made from a durable polycarbonate shell and come with a built-in battery that can charge your devices on the go. This is a lifesaver for those long layovers or unexpected delays when power outlets are scarce. The battery is also removable, which is a handy feature considering some airlines have restrictions on smart luggage with non-removable batteries.

Away suitcases also come with a TSA-approved combination lock for added security, and 360-degree spinner wheels for smooth maneuverability. The interior features a compression system that helps you pack more efficiently, and a hidden laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes separate. Away’s suitcases are not only functional but also stylish, available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit every traveler’s needs.

On the other hand, Rimowa, a German brand with a long history in luggage manufacturing, offers smart suitcases that blend tradition with innovation. Rimowa’s suitcases are known for their grooved aluminum exterior, a design that’s not only iconic but also incredibly resilient. Their smart features include an electronic tag that allows you to check in your luggage from home, avoiding long lines at the airport. This feature is currently compatible with select airlines, but the list is steadily growing.

Rimowa’s suitcases also come with TSA-approved locks, multi-wheel system, and adjustable dividers for organized packing. While they don’t have a built-in battery like Away, they do offer a range of innovative accessories like a luggage tracker that can keep you updated on your suitcase’s location via a smartphone app. Rimowa’s suitcases are a bit pricier than Away’s, but they’re a worthwhile investment if you value durability and advanced features.

In terms of warranty, Away offers a limited lifetime warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship, while Rimowa offers a five-year guarantee that covers defects and damages caused by normal use. Both brands offer excellent customer service, with responsive support teams ready to assist with any issues.

So, which one should you choose? It really depends on your travel needs and preferences. If you’re a tech-savvy traveler who values convenience and style, Away’s smart suitcases with their built-in battery and sleek design might be the perfect fit. If you’re a frequent flyer who values durability and advanced features, Rimowa’s smart suitcases with their robust construction and innovative electronic tag might be more up your alley.

In the end, both Away and Rimowa offer smart suitcases that can enhance your travel experience. It’s all about finding the one that best suits your journey. Happy travels!

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